Emoticons for my own use

Little emoticons for my personal use. :D


Daily Drawings: People

And some characters.

Daily Drawing: Animal Sketches

Posting stuff up for some motivation to keep me going. Got lots more to improve on.

Some animal sketches.


Little Lives: Twinkle Trails

In 2011 from April to October, I was involved in a project called Twinkle Trails where I got to take part in a mad rush to squeeze 25 Web episodes out in 6 months.

I worked as:
Storyboard artist

It's one of those small studios where everyone has to do multiple things, but I was given the chance to storyboard 12 of the 25 musicals, and some of the non-musical parts - a great honor.

Check ALL the episodes out:

Here are a few of my favorite musicals I boarded (and most times animated) myself:

 Perhaps the most fun episode to animate - lots of character animation with that cute little critter.

 I boarded this but D animated it. The best song EVER.

Boarded by me but I think it was Joe who animated it.

This song was extremely funky so I decided it had to be stylized to the extreme!

The entire series was...
Directed by the awesome Davis Vu.
Music by the talented Chris Porter.


A Cloudy Conundrum (2011)

Presenting my 2010 Final Year Project. Done in The School of Art Design and Media (ADM) in Singapore:

A CLOUDY CONUNDRUM from Smores Production on Vimeo.

If you wanna take a peek, drop me an email at  pixel.samm@gmail.com   and let me know what studio or company you represent. I'll send the password over to you in a jiffy!

This project was done with my mates,
Calvin Chua,
Poh Siang Kee,
Woo Ying Tong, and
Yvonne Ng Yuwen.

My part: Character design, Storyboarding,  Animating, Coloring.

2012 - “A Cloudy Conundrum” - CalAniFest - 1st place for 2D Animation Category 2012 - 1st place Winner of Jumbo “Draw-a-Crab” Mascot Design competition
2012 - “A Cloudy Conundrum” - Lumière Digitale Animation Film Festival - 1st place for 2D
                    Animation Category
2012 - “A Cloudy Conundrum” in Singapore Short Films
2011 - “A Cloudy Conundrum” in Aniwow 2011
2011 - “A Cloudy Conundrum” in 8th Singapore Short Cuts


White Tiger

For the white tiger project D's starting up. :D


Daily Drawing: Snow & Umbrella

Snow and Umbrella theme combo!


Daily Drawing: So Awkward

I know someone who's really done this before.

AND someone else who was on the receiving end too.



Daily Drawings: Hair

Was listening to Lady Gaga's Hair when I was doing this.

Went a bit mad with the brushes. :( Turned out a lot messier than what I'd wanted and I'm too lazy to do anything about it. Sleep time.


Daily Drawing: Jungle Creature

Had lotsa fun painting with shapes. Got this done in.... an hour or so? :)

Did a short stint in a company called Little Lives; and in Episode 4 The Noun Forest, D's friend Tom Moore did some wonderful jungle backgrounds which inspired me on this piece.

Edit: D and I agreed that that is definitely a Hip Hop Ice Jelly.


Daily Drawing: Puppy & Nina the Cat

This is Jet - he's all grown up now but he's still my puppy. ^__^

He's presently working as a guard dog (for food) on my uncle's farm in Malaysia. That guy does anything for food. -_-

And this isn't a Daily Drawing, but I've been quick-sketching Nina - my landlady's cat - for practice, and I decided to paint the sketches and upload them too. She's such a pretty thing. :)



Daily Drawing: Innocent Kitten

Super quick painting. D: Am busy!!



Daily Drawings: Ballet

10 min sketch with some calligraphy brush for lots of black.

It has nothing to do with the theme Ballet but I thought she looked like the sort of girl who would do it as a hobby on the side.


Daily Drawings: Jellyfish

This was spewed out in like what, 20mins?
Woot, 2 in a day!! :D

And if you're thinkin HEY ain't that the same damn jellyfish scaled and warped multiple times and scattered all around - I have no idea what you're talking about.

Daily Drawings: 4-Eyed Monster

This really is yesterday's Drawing.

My sis named him Quadrigator. :\

Heavily inspired by the sort of monsters D loves to draw while he doesn't think, whereby this artwork is merely a poor fraction of the wonders he puts down on paper.


Daily Drawings: Penguin

I thought they could be playing something punny like "Go Fish."

Then I looked closely at their game and realized, "That ain't Go Fish.."



Daily Drawings: I love Blondes

This was yesterday's Daily Drawing theme. I'm late. D:

I'll be honest, I only love one blonde. And he's a cook on a pirate ship in an anime world. :(

Did this to practice my fem poses. And question my sexual identity. My blood test came back today and I've been told my testosterone level is slightly high for a girl. :(

The sister: "Wow, now you have clinical evidence for your manliness."

And this painting doesn't help. Sigh.


Daily Drawings: Vegetarian Wolf Pup

D: Gonna do my vegan wolf now. 15 mins.
Me: Shotgun carrot.
D: Damn it. Well mine's sleeping.
Me: Damn it. So was mine.
D: ...Let's just do it anyway.
Me: Yeh cuz, how else would you draw a vegetarian wolf pup right?

About an hour-ish in all! Just in time for dinner! :D

Edit: I just found out almost everyone else had a carrot too. X)


Daily Drawings: Dancing Cow


Daily Drawings: Pirates

When Joan made the theme Pirates, she was OBVIOUSLY telling me to do some One Piece fanart RIGHT?

Luffy, Zoro and Sanji. With a parrot. And Luffy has a brand new eye patch - but just for fun. Tried to be as on model as I could. D:

Disclaimer: Eiichiro Oda owns OP. I (obviously) make no money from this. Sad. The parrot's mine though.


Daily Drawings: War

An hour past the Daily Drawing deadline. But this was fun. :)


Daily Drawings: School Girl Age 14

Am trying desperately hard with this painting thing. I most certainly did not spend less than two hours on this. Bite me.

Disclaimer: Those two posters in the BG are One Piece color walk material. Lol.


Daily Drawings: Self Caricature

Two things I suck at: Caricature and painting with shapes. :(